You might be wondering why I would bother writing a blog. Doesn't the Internet have enough of those?

Technical Jargon

My day-to-day job is primarily about writing software. I love the potential it has to change the world. Wielding technology also makes one feel like some kind of cosmic sorcerer. Given my love of teaching then, a blog becomes a natural outlet.

Stated blogging goal #1: share little bits of tech that I find enjoyable

This makes for some very strong fu, as it not only scratches my itch to teach, but it also helps me hone the craft of technical writing (a very underrated skill in industry). I have met plenty of rockstar coders that cannot explain anything well. Then there are people like Lin Clarki and Kelsey Hightowerii. Lin's writing is some of the most clearly written, easily digestible technical content I have ever read. She backs it up with a wonderful set of graphics too! Kelsey gives great keynotes and technical interviews with his own personal style. Through writing, I am hoping to find my own personal style and hone my communication skills.

Creative Outlet

The proliferation of the Internet is this singular, unbelievable moment in human history. The power to create, inspire, and share life is unprecedented. Yet, we let maligned interests censor and restrain this great power. Like a local community, I believe all netizens have an obligation and responsibility to imbue the web with creativity, compassion, and free expression.

Stated blogging goal #2: Personally contribute to the Internet that I love

By creating and authoring content, I encourage a healthy habit in myself while contributing to the online community in some small way. It would also feel great to know that I have helped others get through complex technical topics the way others on the web have helped me!

Personal Growth

Imagine a version of yourself with less willpower, knowledge, and discipline. Now imagine who benefits from that version of yourself. Doing this often has caused me to reconsider relationships and habits in my personal life. A big one is the amount I consume versus the amount that I contribute. Consumption is passive and easy, but it also opens you up to being persuaded and influenced by others. Contribution is active, harder to do, and infinitely more rewarding.

Like a balanced diet, I believe we each need to strive for a balance between consumption and contribution. We need to allow ourselves to be inspired and learn from each other, but also practice discipline in what we allow into our worldview. Otherwise we risk letting our dreams and passions wither away, replacing our collective individuality with a subservient monoculture.

Stated blogging goal #3: Nurture my inner creator.

Writing is an amazing outlet for achieving personal growth. By writing about what I am reading, I can encourage myself to actually finish the books I am reading. By writing about what I know, I can further crystallize that knowledge. By writing, I can nurture my inner creator.


Thank you for reading my rant. Have a blessed day! – Jess


  1. Lin Clark has written a series of fantastic articles over at Mozilla on WebAssembly. Check it out here.
  2. Kelsey Hightower is very active in the Kubernetes community. For an example of his style, see this posting over at the New Stack.